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Audio Entertainment Contents
  # FIGARO (Rossini)
  # SONATA #2 (Zubitsky)
Trio "Triunfal"
  # LIBERTANGO (Piazzola)
  # MILONGA (Cardosa)
     Music is one of the best and interesting phenomena created by mankind in its development process. The development continues nowadays. New instruments, styles, genres and music directions are being appeared in our days. I am very glad that the destiny has given me possibility to practice music, namely to play a bayan. Bayan - fine musical instrument with huge possibilities. It continues to develop, wins new admirers and takes a worthy place in the world musical culture...

     Eugene's program includes popular classical music, dance music, original music, also popular melodies and songs all performed with the highest satisfaction and quality level in mind. A perfect selection for weddings, parties, large get-together's, birthdays, and any other events. Anything from a very high-end and classy performance to a relaxing atmosphere background music.

     ... I welcome you to work together with me in order to expand the art of Bayan. I am searching for a sponsors, and I will look over all interesting music projects and proposals...

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